Twitter – the knowledge-base!


So many of our customers have an active presence on Twitter. They all listen, but quite often the main focus is just getting information out. So I realized it is high time I share the two biggest benefits I see with Twitter. Network and Knowledge.

Both are closely linked and it all starts with the strategy I set for myself being on Twitter. I am fully aware that my strategy is not the best for all, but since I believe in sharing I hope it can bring some ideas for others. I decided to use twitter as a way to engage and network, share my knowledge and take in others views, ideas and knowledge. And it is fantastic!

So how do I do it? Mainly through Twitter chats and event engagement! But lets focus on Twitter chats. They are just as simple as the name, you use Twitter to chat about a certain topic, at a defined time under a specific #hashtag. I was first introduced to Twitter chats by the great Shonali Burke that runs #measurePR chat. And I was hooked. Since then I am now a regular participant, when I can, on several chats like #WinnieSun, #Hootchat, #Conentchat, #RaganChat, #Twittersmarter #Adobechat etc. They all often talk about communication, social media, marketing even though #WinneSun chat is a more general chat run by the lovely Winne Sun with a wider range of topics. I also tap into chats regarding Tech, IoT, Sustainability etc. There are chats on almost any topic.

The communities that grow around these chats are so inspiring and I find myself chatting individually with people daily now, people I would never have met if it wasn’t for Twitter and these chats. I have found partners for our business, tips that I can share with my customers and found new customers. All through this network!

Sometimes time or time zones are a hassle but having the opportunity to connect with fantastic people, with brilliant minds, that share knowledge for free and lots of great laughs and support, makes it is a small price to pay.

So I just want to make you aware that Twitter can be a knowledge-base for you to part take in. If you don’t want to talk, listen, but also broaden your network with like-minded that also believe in a generous, transparent and open world where sharing truly is caring.

AND maybe you should be the one starting a new chat within your field to get people involved around your favorite topic! Let me know if you need help or ideas!

To everyone I have gotten to know through these chats, THANK YOU, you are such an inspiration!


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